Our province plans to large scale training of water conservancy professionals in Tibet

this year, the provincial water resources department to solve the practical problem of grass-roots training hard, outstanding grassroots oriented, take the "order" training, large-scale training and other measures in various forms for the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu water conservancy professional training of technical personnel.

it is understood that to play the intellectual in promoting the reform and development of water resources, Sanjiang source pilot national park construction and ecological civilization in the construction of water conservancy talents supporting role in support of the Ministry of water resources, the province for the first time in Yushu, the implementation of the "training plan" talent order. Plan 2016 in ordinary colleges the college entrance examination in the early admission 40 college students from Yushu, take the "qualified + specialty" "government, college tuition, students take two years take a year tuition" in the form of water conservancy oriented training of professional and technical personnel needs, Tibet professional counterparts, rooted in the grassroots. At the same time, the office of the Ministry of water resources to provide tilt and support policies, the Ministry of water resources in 2016 education and training programs for the establishment of 18 training courses in Qinghai, plans to train the source area of Sanjiang province (sub) water conservancy personnel.

at present, the provincial water resources department held water conservancy professional and technical personnel in Yushu to enhance the training class 1 period, the Yushu Water Conservancy Bureau and county (city) Water Conservancy Bureau 60 business backbone of the administrative procedures for soil and water conservation, water conservancy project quality supervision of special training, effectively enhance the grassroots cadres of the water conservancy business level and ability.

it is understood that the "12th Five-Year" period, the Provincial Water Resources Department has organized training and management of water resources, water conservation and other professional technology training class 673 period, water conservancy and training of professional and technical personnel 6213 people (times). In the first half of this year, the Provincial Water Resources Department has held 14 training courses for basic water conservancy personnel, training of water conservancy technical staff of 564 people (times). At the same time, combined with the base construction, the professional technical personnel of the province’s water conservancy system were all basic skills training, and sent to the grassroots water conservancy expert guidance to assist in solving technical problems.


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