Our province to carry out supervision and inspection of radiation clinics

for the implementation of "occupation disease prevention law" and the relevant laws and regulations, regulate the province’s medical institutions and occupation health services of medical quality and radiation protection work, strengthen the radiation treatment mechanism for radiological protection management, recently, the provincial health authority for the province’s radiation medical institutions to carry out supervision and inspection.

it is understood that the inspection involves 24 provincial radiation clinics, occupational health inspection institutions and the 2 occupational disease diagnosis agencies, engaged in radiation workers in the 611, radiation treatment equipment, 131 units. Test results show that our province medical institutions have established radiation protection management organization, formulate radiological safety management system, and obtained the "license" to carry out the radiation treatment of radiation treatment, the rate of 97.05% radiation workers; X ray room room layout is reasonable, protection facilities in place; occupation disease diagnosis mechanism of occupation health check, can obtain qualification approval to carry out occupation "in health service certificate" within the scope of the occupation health examination work standard, examination report quality is greatly improved compared with the previous year.


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