Built in the province’s first tunnel power corridors

April 30th, with the completion of the first tunnel power pipe gallery in Xining put into operation, the provincial capital of the Southern District of Hong Kong, Europe and the garden of the 8300 phase of the residents to move back to become the first beneficiaries of the two.

Kang Nan area cable tunnel project mainly covers East Road, South to the South and the west of beltway, road, Kunlun avenue to the north of about 40 thousand square kilometers of the scope of supply, in addition to effectively improve the power supply capacity of the 10 thousand volt power grid, but also solve the problem of regional electricity needs of 36 thousand households.

is the first tunnel power pipe gallery built in our province. The tunnel construction section is 170 meters in length, with an average excavation depth of 20 meters. The project for the Kang Nan area of collapsible loess and IV surrounding rock geological conditions, the underground tunnel construction technology advanced, through the existing deep excavation work and construction technology innovation, improve the level of construction of power tunnel in Loess Plateau geological environment, providing a reference model for the future of city distribution network construction.

it is understood that the electric power pipe gallery opened since the end of August 2015, after the winter lay off grid builders of artificial excavation work, now have the power to the Kang Nan area conditions. Compared with the traditional cable construction, the construction of the tunnel cable trench has the characteristics of small excavation area, small noise and dust pollution, no nuisance and no damage to the ground facilities." State Grid Xining power company Construction Department Chen Peiting told reporters.


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