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teachers pay for performance – the implementation of the separation of high school – a comprehensive promotion of learning plan teaching – in the exam: to increase physical examination, cancel the information technology examination


news network, twenty thousand teachers, 300 thousand students, in the face of the shortage of educational resources, the school layout is not reasonable, high school education resources shortage and a series of problems, the Department in charge of education becomes more and more heavy burden. How can we let students enjoy high-quality education resources to meet the needs of the masses of high-quality education?

Xue Jianhua, director of the Education Bureau of Xining

, said that the implementation of education priority strategy, the full implementation of quality education, is the current and future direction of the development of education in Xining. Next year, the Xining education plan to implement four important reforms to promote the rapid development of the cause of education in Xining. December 25th, this reporter exclusive interview with the Xining Municipal Bureau of education Xue Jianhua. Personnel system reform: the implementation of performance pay

core tip: next year compulsory school teachers will implement performance pay, which will be an important task of education in Xining next year. Xining City Bureau of education will be combined with the current job setting to promote the full implementation of performance pay in order to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of teachers. According to the need to set up posts, open recruitment, equal competition, merit appointment, scientific assessment, contract management principles, the full implementation of the full staff recruitment system, embodied in the post salary.

Xue Jianhua said that next year, the Xining City Board of education will be the implementation of the evaluation of teachers separation system. The full implementation of performance pay, job settings, employment posts. City Board of education in the post setting, the morality is not good, the teaching of the accident, in the evaluation of senior title when the teacher feel tired, do not try to work, go to the back door to the trustee position, not more than half a year in the job, teaching grades, parents reflect all the teachers the waiting list. The performance salary will adhere to hard work, excellent merit pay, the key to the teachers, the backbone of teachers and teachers have made outstanding achievements in tilt. Plan of Conservation Institute of Xining in September 1st next year, moved to Shangri-La District, all hires.

reporter learned that, at present, the overall shortage of faculty and staff in Xining. According to statistics, the city’s primary and middle schools, kindergarten teaching staff number ten thousand 8000 people, which accounted for 17500 of full-time teachers. The city has nearly two thousand substitute teachers, distributed in primary and secondary schools. Xining city school substitute teachers have reached 16 people. Especially in rural primary and secondary school teachers prepare tight, in accordance with the approved staffing standards 1 than the 23.5, rural schools in small scale, can not meet the teaching needs, resulting in a small village and teaching points often appear "class", even "one school" phenomenon. In addition, the primary and secondary schools in Xining additional public work in the preparation, accounting, boiler workers, drivers, electricians and other logistics support staff of less than 3%, which is far from the national regulations of 15%.


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