Celebration of the province 51 and 51 award ceremony

4 29, Qinghai Province Radio and television studio hall ushered in a group of special guests – labor model. One day, they become Qinghai province to celebrate the "51" and "51 Double Award" awards "guest" in music and a sea of joy, feeling as the pride and glory of workers. Provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing attended the award ceremony.

this is co sponsored by the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Office of the steering committee of the construction of spiritual civilization and Qinghai radio and TV special, is a holiday gift to our province’s national and provincial model workers and laborers. From the first tier of the national, provincial model workers on behalf of, and provincial authorities, the provincial Trade and industry, the provincial prison, the provincial heavy industry machinery, textile and other trade union system of more than 400 representatives of workers and workers together to watch the show. 8 model workers on behalf of their position based on innovation to become a leader in the peer experience, wonderful stories from time to time to win applause and cheers.

party according to the organizers, this unique program is to invite workers to the scene, face to face performance mode, uphold the principle of workers play a leading role in the front-line workers, self-directed and performed the song and dance at the same time, according to the model deed tailored programs.


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