Datong County Changning town four initiatives to promote the rectification work

town in Changning to promote a new round of grassroots organizations in the process of building activities, to take four measures to carry out the rectification work to improve and effectively solve the outstanding problems in the process of building grassroots organizations.

is a good grasp of the reorganization of the organization. Take the division of town cadre of village, the relevant units and other forms of assistance to provide guidance and help for the backward party branch. Tilt the policy to promote the rapid development of the village collective economy, infrastructure improved significantly.

two is a good team building village. Strive to improve the overall quality of the team members, team structure, pay attention to the whole function of leading group, strengthen the responsibility of village branch term target, strengthen each branch members "in its place, their government dedication and sense of responsibility.

three is a prominent problem solving . Focus on solving the existing problems or highlight the problem, so that the rectification work and the current work two to promote, two". The best "military enterprises build a model village and village" daily business work organically.

four is a good idea to rectify the upgrade. Adhere to the positive education, self-education, to find the ideological and working aspects of the outstanding problems, lessons learned, to develop practical measures to rectify, clear direction.


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