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around Lake


cup is an important international event, event Chinese in players’ performance let many people look forward to, watching the masses, media reporters are expected to see the excellent performance of Chinese athletes in the high level sports events. In July 8th, the stage was called the most beautiful stage, also because of the weather events is extremely difficult, but in such a situation, the domestic players’ performance that the audience’s eyes.

this tournament a total of four domestic teams, namely Gansu, Ningxia, Hainan and host Qinghai team. Because the strength of the strong, the Ningxia team won two best Asian and two climbing champion in the first stage of the competition, but the other team’s performance has been relatively flat. Before many reporters predicted that the fourth stage of the Qinghai team will probably create some aspect. After the opening of the game, including the Qinghai team, including domestic players did not disappoint the expectations.

due to attrition before three stages, fourth stages and a total of 134 players participated in the game. Shortly after the start of the game, the Qinghai team Zhang Jinde No. 211 outstanding group in dogs, then there have been a large group of outstanding players to pursue that race to 9.6 km, the leading group expanded to 7 players, including 214 Qinghai team Wu Shengjun, leading a large group of 25 seconds. Perhaps players have been attracted to the beautiful scenery of the lake stage, the competition is relatively calm, a large group of leading group and maintain a certain pace, and there is not much breakthrough and left behind. 192 Gansu Yang Zengtao, Hainan, No. 182, Qinghai, No. 211, the first team to take the lead in the first sprint point, take the first sprint point of the top three.

just won a sprint points, also did not gain any other first, but their performance has been recognized by the media and the masses of the spectators, everyone said: "in so many high level sports teams in the competition, our domestic players can have eye-catching performance, we have also recognized. Cheer for them, hoping to have a wonderful performance in the next game."


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