Amway Cup Carnival activities held in the Cultural Park

Recently, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, Qinghai National Nature Reserve of Sanjiang Province Source Management Bureau and west city newspaper sponsored by the Qinghai branch of Amway, the "Amway cup environmental Carnival activities held in the cultural park.

Amway cup green carnival theme park, is the country’s first environmental education interactive theme park, set interactive environmental experience and knowledge in one of the carnival, is the new form of environmental education, fun. Classic game, the new form will be entertaining, so that participants can easily understand the environmental knowledge in a fun game.

this activity, is a completely free for all in public welfare activities, the activities set up "back to the Antarctic penguins" and "save the polar bear", "forest police", "low carbon life on defense change" 13 environmentally friendly games, leisurely wonderful and interesting everywhere.

has been committed to public welfare undertakings of the Amway Corp, the Sanjiang source book floating activity also set in this event, as long as we give their love to donate a book, the company can is donated to the poor mountain children need books and knowledge……

as the "Amway environmental Carnival" was held for the first time in our province to environmental protection as the theme of the opening theme park, the participants of the family unit in the game, in addition to harvest happiness, will harvest affection and knowledge. Participated in the carnival of the public praised the event. They have said that this activity in interactive environmental experience and knowledge of Carnival in one, let the children in the game to learn the knowledge of environmental protection, provides an interactive opportunity to parents and children, play, music, close, long knowledge.

"Amway environmental Carnival" is a vivid green lesson, in adults and children unable to part of the curtain slowly. For parents and children to leave an unforgettable memory. Here, not only the children have fun, but also to adults in the game to find the fun of childhood. According to statistics, a period of 5 days of activities, to participate in the activities of the family reached a total of 46 thousand, the number of participants reached a total of 112 thousand people. (author: Hao Xingming)


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