1273 tourists travel by plane in Xining Taiwan

opened in August 1st this year, Xining – Taipei flights, ending the history of Xining port without regular overseas routes. As of August 18th, Qinghai Frontier Corps of Xining frontier inspection station has completed 13 sorties immigration aircraft flight border inspection tasks, check the incoming passengers 637 passengers, 636 passengers departing passengers, 83 passengers inbound outbound employees, employees 86 people, a total of 1442 passengers.

, a reporter from the Qinghai Frontier Corps was informed, to provide convenient, comfortable and safe clearance service for further to travelers, combined with the actual development of the port Frontier Corps launched the "advance additional channel" system, in order to speed up the peak passenger clearance rate, shorten the peak period of the waiting time of passengers; in case of emergency exit and entry management the patient or disaster relief and other special circumstances, immediately opened emergency channel ", as far as possible to facilitate customs clearance; because there may be delays in late passenger aircraft, the" free line "service, priority to the frontier inspection procedures, to avoid delay the trip or passenger transport delay time.

In order to adapt to the

port in great Kuaijinkuaichu, the trend, the majority of business enterprises of our province entry-exit personnel, Qinghai Frontier Corps developed frontier inspection pre pre recorded system, provide customs clearance service platform for the entry and exit of Commerce of Qinghai province. (author: Song Jia)

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