Classification management system started in Xining for the first time prosecutors selection examinat

The morning of October 18th, in the city of Xining tiger Taiwan middle school held for the first time in Xining procuratorate prosecutor selection of professional examinations, the examination of the procuratorial organs in accordance with the 305 prosecutors selection of prosecutors in the qualification conditions, this also indicates that the procuratorial personnel management system was officially launched.

for the establishment of the procuratorial law of procuratorial personnel classification management system, prosecutors and prosecutors, highlighting the subject position of handling responsibility, in October 18th 9, the exam started prosecutors in Xining by the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate is responsible for the implementation of the. It is reported that, before the exam, the relevant situation of the existing prosecutors conducted a layer of audit, and publicity in line with the selection criteria of the applicant. The content of the examination is based on current affairs and procuratorial work. The purpose is to test the ability of the prosecutor to analyze and solve problems, to use the law correctly and to deal with the cases. According to the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate responsible person, prosecutors selection is the key link of judicial reform, the prosecutor selection of professional examination work, is not only an increase in the threshold for the selection of professional prosecutors, but also indicates that the classification system of procuratorial personnel officially launched. Through the examination, in order to select the best personnel from the existing procuratorial staff to handle the case, to create a high-quality, professional prosecutors team.  

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