Green Fair Xining special focus on signing 41

  in the afternoon of June 10th, the signing ceremony of Xining investment project was held at the international exhibition center. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun and other leaders and representatives from home and abroad, the province and outside the entrepreneur representatives, investors attended the signing ceremony.

signing ceremony, this year, the success of the negotiations in Xining larger, stronger focus on domestic and foreign investment projects focused on signing. Projects involving industry, services, energy, real estate, tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry, infrastructure, etc..

Xining city signed 41 total projects, which participate in the conference focused on signing project 2, the total capital of 6 billion yuan agreement; to participate in this special signing a total of 39 projects (including 2 strategic cooperation agreement, the project total 17 billion 810 million yuan of funds agreement). Are 6 industrial projects, the agreement funds 1 billion 810 million yuan; agricultural projects 7, 690 million yuan of funds agreement; commercial projects 9, 4 billion 930 million yuan of funds agreement; cultural tourism projects 5, the agreement funds 1 billion 300 million yuan; real estate development projects 8, the agreement funds 8 billion 930 million yuan; other projects 2, the agreement funds 150 million yuan.



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