How to do wallpaper shop decoration design

wallpaper shop in the decoration design should pay attention to what details? Many novice may not even know the specific aspects of decoration, so if you invest in such shops, we must first make clear what the shop decoration design. Today Xiaobian will bring you to know.

wallpaper shop renovation renderings design includes the following five aspects: the design of sign design, shop design, window design, exterior lighting design, wall lighting; store design is the overall feeling of the store to the people, the store can reflect the grade and personality, from the overall style, can be divided into traditional and modern style style.

outdoor design

refers to all outdoor decoration decoration in front of the shop and the surrounding construction, such as billboards, neon signs, light boxes, electronic flash ads, posters, leaflets advertising, living advertising, shop signs, facade decoration, window layout and outdoor lighting and so on, are outdoor decoration. If you want to get good economic benefits, you must first make the consumer into the store. In addition to advertising, traditional reputation and other factors, the consumer awareness of an unknown store is from the appearance of the beginning.


design is the overall feeling shop to the people, sometimes reflect the store level, also can reflect the personality of the store. From the overall style we store as a modern style. The appearance of fashion to the flavor of the times, the modern psychological feeling, most of the shops are using modern style, which has incentive effect for the majority of consumers strong sense of the times. If the shop is in the business district, the nearby shopping malls in general is also a modern style, will be able to achieve a harmonious effect.

sign designAfter

window design

The design of

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