More than 15 workers skill level will improve

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that this year, our province will focus on promoting the construction of ecological protection, promoting employment and entrepreneurship, promote the improvement of agricultural production and management skills, planning of urban and rural labor skills training 155 thousand and 800 people (Times), the labor force in agricultural and pastoral areas 128 thousand and 900 people (Times), the urban labor force of 26 thousand and 900 people (time).
it is reported that this year a production skills training in agriculture and animal husbandry production technology training and two or three employment skills training into two categories, a total of four. According to the requirements of production of agriculture and animal husbandry training to make training personnel to master one or two items of agricultural and animal husbandry production technology, improve production efficiency; two or three employment skills training qualified rate to reach more than 90%, after training the current employment rate to reach 75%. In view of the focus groups and areas of urban and rural labor, our province will focus on 10 points, including the new occupation of farmers and herdsmen cultivation, grassland ecological protection training, entrepreneurship training, enhance the employment of college graduates special employment skills training, training of migrant workers, the source area of Sanjiang labor training, promoting employment of landless peasants and labor skills training manager and urbanization (transfer) herdsmen skills training, ecological protection relocation (left) training women labor skills training, the enterprises in the park. By focusing on demonstration driven, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of training to enhance the training of fine management.


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