Notice on carrying out the special rectification work of food safety during May Day and Tulip Festiv

District, county people’s government, the Municipal Food and drug safety coordination committee member unit:

"51, the Tulip Festival is approaching, in order to further strengthen food safety supervision work during the holiday period, the maintenance of food production and operation order and social stability, to ensure that the people of all ethnic groups and foreign businessmen food consumption safety, according to the Coordinating Committee, provincial food and Drug Safety Office" on the "food safety special rectification work during the day, the Tulip Festival" "(fresh anxie supervision No. [2OO7]4) spirit, decided to carry out" food safety special rectification work during the day, the Tulip Festival "within the city, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

a time schedule

2OO7 April 24th to


two, remediation focus

(1): key varieties of rice and flour, edible vegetable oil, meat and meat products, dairy products, soy products, children’s food, bulk food, aquatic products, fruits, vegetables, canned food, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, beverage, bianxiaocha etc..

(two): the key areas of various hotels, rural food market, urban fringe and tulip festival main venue to focus on food production and processing enterprises (workshops), all kinds of food wholesale markets, farmers markets, supermarkets (shop), the regulation of diet, school peripheral area stalls.

(three): focus on the area of food (including halal food) production and business units to carry out a comprehensive supervision and inspection, food production, food production qualification examination system to ensure the quality of the establishment and operation of the food business, the implementation of the system of examination and acceptance of purchase certificate and invoice, purchase and sale of accounting and quality commitment, in accordance with the law and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy, toxic, mildew and other expired illegal behavior does not meet the standards of food, strengthen the management of food packaging, trademark, logo, to further standardize the food production and management order.

three, division of work

(1): agriculture and animal husbandry bureau to strengthen quality supervision of vegetable safety; to increase agricultural inputs (high toxic pesticides) sales, use and inspection efforts; strengthen the quality and safety of animal products and products of origin and quarantine inspection, to prevent unqualified products into the holiday market.

(two) Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau: responsible for food production and processing of the regulation. To strengthen the focus on the local characteristics of food, meat products, dairy products, wine, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar producing industry inspection, strengthen food production and unstable product quality inspection of enterprises, increase efforts to deal with no food production license for the production enterprise, does not have the production conditions must be resolutely banned.

(three) Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau: is responsible for the regulation of food circulation. Increase the food market and food stalls operating inspections, and strengthen supervision and management of key food quality; fake food distribution and no quality certificate, does not conform to the food quality standard, expired spoiled food illegal crackdown;

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