Kuang Yong met with Turkey national energy photovoltaic industry business delegation

11 1, vice governor Kuang Yong met in Xining, Turkey, the national energy photovoltaic industry business delegation and discussion. Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Energy Bureau, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial council and other relevant departments and enterprises responsible person to participate in.

discussion, the relevant departments and enterprises of the province introduced the province’s energy economic development, investment and trade cooperation between the two sides and the development of photovoltaic industry chain and the status quo of power grid construction. Turkey business delegation and the delegation introduced the general situation of Turkey, the investment environment and the development of photovoltaic industry, etc..

Kuang Chung pointed out that Qinghai is rich in resources reserves, energy development and utilization of great potential in energy conservation and emission reduction, green economy, new materials and other fields, has accumulated a large number of advanced technology and management experience. In recent years, Qinghai and Turkey economic and trade exchanges have become increasingly frequent, the two sides formed obvious complementarity in energy development, market demand, especially in the trade of agricultural products, the demand has great potential for growth. We believe that the advantages of the two sides will open wider space for future mutually beneficial cooperation, the Qinghai provincial government will fully support the two sides to carry out more extensive cooperation and exchanges.

Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. on behalf of the Turkey business delegation signed a letter of intent agreement on investment.


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