29 thousand Qinghai Olympic Games

The morning of September 20th, the "flying dream · sharing" as the theme of the sixteenth Qinghai Provincial Sports & Fitness Conference opened in the city of Qinghai Lake District Sports Center Stadium long. 29 thousand spectators watched the opening ceremony. At the same time, this is also the largest sports activities in the province, the largest number of participants in a sports event. 29 thousand audience share the event in the morning, the City Lake District of Qinghai Sports Center Stadium in the bustling, applause One event succeeds another., one of about 400 square meters of the stage stands in the stadium is in the center, from the province’s 23 delegation of more than 1380 athletes have the order around the stage, 29 thousand people have long been sitting in the stands for the sixteenth Provincial Games opening…… 10:30, the opening ceremony officially began, the moment applause resounded through the sky. Grand scene record the history record "the Provincial Games can be said to be a grand meeting since the new China established in our province on an unprecedented scale, due to a larger venue, we in nearly 5000 square meters of space spent ten tons of steel to build up the background, 2037 people into the team and group background the number of games is one of the largest, it is worth mentioning that the event spent 8 universities of our province and part of primary and secondary school teachers and students, the number of people involved in more than 5700 people. At the same time, the most prominent place in the program of the provincial sports meeting is that it contains elements of sports, all the songs, dances are around the composition of sports. In addition, in order to achieve better results, but also specifically to the opening ceremony is divided into four sections." Zhang Lixin, director of the provincial sports meeting, said in an interview with reporters. Qinghai’s own "Olympic Games" in a large audience, a white haired old man attracted the attention of reporters, his left hand holding a flag, right hand holding a "applause" props, and the young people around with cheer. "Never seen! I’ve never seen such a good show before, and it’s amazing how big it is! The incredible change in our Qinghai is incredible. Most of my life I did not expect to see such a scene, I saw on television in Beijing Olympic Games feel incredible, today visited the scene of the Qinghai Olympic games. My life is worth it!" Before the opening ceremony of the 76 year old stone old man excitedly told reporters. No wrong! In the stone old man’s heart, in the hearts of the people of Qinghai, this is the Qinghai people’s own Olympic games".  

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