2016 China Renewable Energy ndustry Development Forum held in Qinghai

sponsored by the Chinese renewable energy society, sumeida energy strategy support for the 2016 Chinese Qinghai renewable energy industry development forum held in Xining city in August 25th. The forum with the development opportunities and challenges in the photovoltaic industry as the theme, focusing on Western renewable energy planning, aimed at combining the reality of our province to promote the local energy industry a new round of reform, to jointly promote the sound and rapid development of photovoltaic industry in our province.


forum, from China renewable energy society, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization International solar energy technology promotion and transfer center, Beijing Solar Power Research Institute, the German renewable energy center and sumeida energy holding company nearly phase responsible person, the industry experts on the province of renewable energy industry planning, build Qinghai million kilowatts of new energy industry base to discuss issues such as in-depth and interpretation. Focus on the province’s renewable energy industry planning, renewable energy policy and future prospects and other issues in-depth discussion, in order to further develop the new energy industry in Qinghai as the representative of the new energy industry.

currently, Qinghai PV installed capacity of 6 million 80 thousand kilowatts, ranked the country’s second. As of June 30th, mark our province photovoltaic power generation capacity exceeded 20 billion kilowatts, up to 22 billion 187 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, a new record high, marking the green economic benefits of photovoltaic industry in our province has achieved remarkable results. However, due to China’s current electricity area mainly located in the eastern coastal areas, the western region of power consumptive capacity is not strong, at the same time, the western region for renewable energy planning often lags behind the pace of development of the industry, this series of reasons for restricting the long-term development of photovoltaic industry in the west.

Hainan government official, in recent years, through the development of solar energy projects, Hainan people’s living standards have been significantly improved, the per capita annual income of 13500 yuan.


13th Five-Year" period, our province focus on building Hainan, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in two million kilowatts of clean energy base, new energy installed capacity of 35 million kw. According to the plan, the total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic projects in Hainan will reach 2500 mw.

"sumeida energy on behalf of Jiangsu province has provided more than 3500 sets of stand-alone photovoltaic energy storage system for Hainan herdsmen, lit up tens of thousands of nomads living. This year, sumeida energy will again help build the Qinghai million kilowatts of clean energy industry base." Sumeida Energy Holdings Limited General Manager Li Xiaojiang said.


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