Our province declared 2016 National Social Science Fund project to achieve a historic success

2016 National Social Science Fund project review and approval of the results of the project was announced in the near future, 59 projects approved by the province, a historic success. Among them, the general project 26, youth projects in the west, the project is the 26 of the 7. Project rate of 26.82%, approved project funding of $11 million 800 thousand. Subjects are mainly distributed in the study of ethnic issues, religion, Chinese literature, library and information research, applied economics, sociology, law, linguistics and other disciplines.

this year, social science planning office received the declaration of the annual project of the National Social Science Fund 305, the qualification examination, examination and review, strict screening, formally submitted to the National Planning Office of philosophy and Social Sciences 220. The number of projects approved this year, the project approved project funds rate, compared with last year, has increased greatly, which has the following characteristics: the applicant organization strong, researchers reporting positive, in-depth demonstration; social planning departments to refine the work process, scientific management, family planning office in the provincial agency according to the basic disciplines examination on the increase the review part of the meeting review, adhere to fair and open principle; because the declaration materials repeatedly polished quality has improved, the number of general projects and youth projects approved this year’s increase. The project of the project, and through the project to lead the demonstration and drive, will be the province’s social science personnel training, discipline construction system, as well as the prosperity of the province’s philosophy and social sciences play an active role in the development of.


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