Our province to further strengthen the management of law and politics and discipline style building

to effectively implement the strict requirements, to further improve and perfect the law enforcement officers violating law and notify the supervision and discipline of accountability mechanism, strengthening the provisions of the central eight, 21 provincial government measures and law enforcement officers in Qinghai province "eight prohibitions" of the execution and implementation of force, recently, the provincial Party committee issued the "notice", emphasized the need to strengthen law enforcement officers discipline style construction and supervision work as a focal point to build strong political and legal team, which is the wind Su Ji as the starting point, the cadres honest, clean, clear judicial team as the goal, to further strengthen the province’s police officers disciplined style of supervision and reporting work.

provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee and the judicial organs at all levels should further strengthen the discipline supervision and inspection, law enforcement officers seized the holidays, especially the important time node police officers eight hours outside ", take routine inspections, focusing on checks, a thorough investigation and other various effective ways, multi form and multi angle development of key departments and key positions, key aspects of law enforcement and inspection of key periods. The problem of discipline violations found, to the "zero tolerance" attitude severely punished, will not be tolerated. To adhere to the public oriented, the satisfaction of the masses as a test of the effectiveness of the standard police discipline style construction, broaden the channels of supervision, supervision and innovation initiatives, "ruling" the measures under the sun. At the same time, to report Report Mailbox public telephone, and management work, give full play to the supervisory role of network media and the people’s supervisor, consciously take the initiative to accept the supervision and timely response to public, the media and the community. To establish and improve the law enforcement officers informed the long-term mechanism of discipline and style of work, all localities and departments every quarter focused on local areas and departments, the system of police officers in violation of disciplinary rules on a problem, the provincial Party committee will be set in each half of the province’s law enforcement officers informed discipline, major typical case informed.


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