Municipal Health Bureau system of clean code creating a harmonious health

in July 21st, the Municipal Health Bureau and the 10 institutions unified centralized study and implement the "clean code" knowledge testing activities, the overall party members and cadres of the 988 people participated in the test activities.

by carrying out the study and implement the "code of ethics" knowledge test, to create a good atmosphere for the seriously study and implement the "code of ethics", enhance the party members and cadres law-abiding, practicing law, administrative law, and medicine, the awareness of clean politics, supervise the cadres abide and conscientiously implement the regulations of diligent and honest, to further strengthen the the consciousness and initiative of Leading Cadres Learning "code of ethics", and enhance the sense of self-discipline, build a strong moral defense against corruption, and laid a solid foundation for efforts to build the environment health system "delicate air, harmonious health".


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