North District Safety Supervision Bureau to carry out two production safety inspection

Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day is approaching, in order to ensure the safety during the two, let the people live a peaceful, happy and peaceful holiday, even the day, north of the city district safety committee organize safety supervision, public security, fire protection, cultural tourism, street offices and other departments, set up a special inspection team to the region’s industrial and mining enterprises construction sites, tourist attractions, hotels, cafes and other places to carry out a special inspection before the production safety. In order to ensure the safe production of
"two" period, the north area of the safety committee specially formulated and issued a "good Seongbuk mid autumn National Day safety inspection plan" requirements do not leak a user, leave no one, to further implement the "fighting rule violation work to ensure that the national day" two day "and the eighteen Congress during the production safety situation is stable. Even

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