164 thousand and 700 sets of public rental housing has been allocated

Xining this year, the first batch of public rental Yaohao distribution today, the other counties in the province of public rental housing, shantytowns are stepping up the construction, distribution work. In July 16th, reporters from the Provincial Department of construction, housing security department learned that this year in the central and provincial 3 billion 720 million yuan of subsidies to support, the province’s low-income housing construction progress smoothly, as of now, this year the new low-income housing construction projects have been started in 68%. At the same time, before the end of 2012 to build more than 20 sets of public rental housing, has been assigned to stay in the set of 164 thousand and 700.

in shantytowns this year, the province organized shantytowns monetized resettlement special investigation, for ordinary commercial housing inventory of Xining City, East Sea and Delingha City, Golmud City, Haixi houses were thoroughly. Preliminary statistics of the province can be settled by way of currency commodity housing 6400 units, covering an area of 440 thousand square meters. According to the provincial government’s efforts to get through the resettlement of housing and commercial housing channel requirements, this year, the province will be completed by the use of commercial housing area of more than 6% of commercial housing digestion.


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