2013 Green Fair signed a successful signing of 182 billion 200 million cooperation projects signed i

June 13th, the reporter from the 2013 Green Fair second news conference, 2013 China · with open cooperation, green development "as the theme of green development; Qinghai investment and Trade Fair successfully concluded. During the 4 days of the meeting, a total of contracted projects of various types of cooperation, the amount of $182 billion 200 million, an increase of 10% over last year, a total of $360. In all contracted projects, the amount of green development based projects accounted for 85%, is a good theme, on the scale, characteristics, popularity, effectiveness of the real event.

the exhibition adhere to the "grand, enthusiastic, thrifty and pragmatic" will do the concept, organizational support of small and medium enterprises in Qinghai to accelerate the development of the forum, multinational companies Qinghai 27 economic and trade activities, carry out the central enterprises, private enterprises, foreign investment, industry and service industry, the key investment project signing 15 special signing all, signed 360 cooperation projects, the amount of 182 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 10% over last year. In signing the project, industrial added chain projects, new energy, new materials, consumer goods industry has become a hot industry project total contract, 74%; biological resources in the plateau is the most attractive, signing Chinese wolfberry, seabuckthorn, Tibetan processing and other consumer goods industry project 62, the contract amount of 14 billion 200 million yuan, is 1.5 times last year. In all contracted projects, the amount of green development projects accounted for 85%. Private investment transactions active, signed 294 projects, the contract amount of $133 billion 200 million, accounting for 73% of the total contract amount. Significant increase in the number of large projects, investment 1 billion yuan project more than the previous increase of 1 times, accounting for the total contract amount of $63%, of which more than ten billion yuan more than 5 billion yuan, more than 3 yuan, more than 1. The successful signing of these projects will play a positive role in accelerating the strategic adjustment of the industrial structure, building a modern industrial system, changing the mode of development in Qinghai.

this green fair show the following highlights: provincial government leaders attach great importance to the activities of the organization is strong; the theme of the exhibition highlights the development of green space to expand exchanges and cooperation; give full play to the green fair platform, open cooperation in depth development; project investment with active contract amount of a new high conference theme of the Forum; prominent, distinctive theoretical research; organizational management orderly, fair service level. Followed by a number of new enterprises in the development of a number of new products in the advent of a number of new opportunities in the highlights.

reporter at the meeting was informed that the current Fair will show an area of 53 thousand square meters, nearly 12 thousand participants merchants. During the exhibition, Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center to receive more than 200 thousand people from all walks of life (Times), the issuance of various types of promotional materials more than 8 copies, the amount of more than 10 million yuan on-site transactions. (author: Ye Wenjuan)

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