Postgraduate entrance examination will be expelled from school

Reporters from the city of admissions informed that the 2013 graduate exam will begin in January 5th, in order to ensure the fairness of the examination, the city admissions held media ventilation 27 days will be, and will graduate in 2013 5 change examination approach by informing the cheating in the provincial capital of media.I have

City 2013 section 5 new changes compared with previous years: the first use of "exam examinee information bar" and "bar code paper"; 23 subjects examination questions using standardized tests, of which 4 families will also implement a multi volume problem "; reserve volume, answer the examination without replacement card, barcode. Candidates should be particularly careful, careful examination; candidates entering for the first time need to accept the security check door;" to "examination, prohibited articles shall not be allowed to enter the examination room. Graduate in 2013, Xining full implementation of electronic monitoring center examination; examination for each candidate each with a set of the examination candidates to carry prohibited stationery; stationery, watches, mobile phone and other metal products and any books approach; candidates should check the examination room on the afternoon of January 4, 2013 to test, clear personal position.

it is reported that college students participate in postgraduate cheating, except in accordance with relevant regulations, serious will be expelled; for the in-service staff exam in cheating, according to the relevant provisions in the foundation treatment, should be informed of their units, in serious cases will be expelled from the public; cheating will be credited to the integrity of the files, the next year will not be allowed to apply for. (by boat)


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