Provincial Public Security Fire Department to build a strong summer fire safety firewall

  summer is high season fire accident, the fire department at all levels based on the current situation of fire characteristics in various places as the center, to carry out inspection, to build a strong summer fire safety "firewall". This is the reporter learned from the provincial public security fire brigade in May 24th.

the inspection from May 20th to September 20th, with the ongoing social welfare institutions and other special governance combine proceed, key range check is explosive and dangerous place, large city complex, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, hotel market restaurants, entertainment venues, labor-intensive enterprises, welfare institutions and other personnel intensive places, summer training institutions and personnel on the temporary rental, minority villages, tourist attractions, high-rise building underground cultural relics, ancient buildings, logistics, construction site, "three in one" place. At the same time do a good job, Green Fair, Lake Race and other major events and the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other important festivals of fire safety work.

check, will take around the fire safety risk grading management and the investigation and management of risks combined with the combination of fire safety and fire prevention and control management based on the work of the province’s "provisions of action" and "zixuandongzuo" combined with other ways, a comprehensive investigation and remediation of fire hazards, fire and severely punish illegal behavior, and earnestly strengthen fire the emergency preparations, to ensure that the summer is not serious fire accidents, fire accident impact does not occur during major events.


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