Winter crackdown Xining police cracked the case of car theft


launched the "strike hard winter", Xining city public security organs rapid mobilization, active deployment, will fight against crime car robbery as a key, recently, cracked 2 cases car robbery cases, destroyed 2 gangs, arresting 11 suspects, a powerful blow to the arrogance of criminals.

In January 26th

, a car parked in front of the hotel in Qinghai MITSUBISHI Pajero off-road vehicle is stolen, the car has cash, calligraphy and painting, crafts and other objects, the total value of the property inside the car about 50 yuan. After the incident, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the case. After investigation Mopai, in February 12th in Xining city and Hainan will auto theft and disposal of stolen goods and arrested 8 suspects, recover stolen MITSUBISHI Pajero off-road vehicle.

February 11th, Xining City Public Security Bureau plainclothes detachment successfully destroyed a stolen car criminal gangs and arrested 3 suspects. In mid January, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau plainclothes detachment through Mopai found a Gansu Linxia gang membership theft clues, the ad hoc police in Xining and Longhua through several days of hard waiting, based cards interception, in February 11th 3 on suspicion of theft and sale of car suspects arrested, and seized the stolen "Wulingzhiguang" a van. Under questioning, the suspect confessed to the crime of theft of motor vehicles. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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