The province’s upstream and downstream industry docking remarkable results

recently, the upstream and downstream industry topics will be held in Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone Biotechnology Industrial park. From the province of biological engineering, pharmaceutical industry, equipment manufacturing, new materials and other 43 enterprises, and from the East Sea city enterprises docking exchanges, seek cooperation projects, effectively promoted the enterprise coordination between industries, integration and development. Reporters learned from the scene, from 1 to October, a number of key industries in our province to achieve the upstream and downstream industry docking of 46 billion 750 million yuan, the province has gradually formed the basis for the development of circular economy laid the foundation.

this year, our province to deepen as the downstream industry docking to help enterprises to expand the market, an important way to expand sales, promote integration, cost reduction, the responsibility of clear objectives, smooth channels of information, highlight key areas, continue to deepen industry docking. Formulated the "2016 downstream industrial docking implementation plan", the annual 55 billion yuan industrial docking target one by one into various regions and various parks, cities and states urge developed a local area industrial docking project.

in accordance with the "first upstream, downstream, first, after leading up the chain" principle, focusing on the new energy industry, new materials, nonferrous metal, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, light industry and so on, give prominence to the project construction and operation process of raw materials procurement and supply, upstream and downstream industry chain supporting links, and promoting the extension of industrial chain the development of industrial agglomeration.


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