Xining City east of the three dimensional building in addition to building a dead corner

according to the district government’s mobilization, deployment, recently, various departments and towns do collective force in the East Zone, the region launched three-dimensional seamless eradication of Jian Wei Chong City of the dead to promote crucial action, harvest countless victories.

vector – proof brake really Patriotic Sanitation District of the region’s pest control measures began to take strict penalties, refusing to meet the catering, hotel, grain and oil market and key field for punishment.

eliminates the "small table" regulatory vacuum, district health and food and Drug Administration on the area of "unlicensed family restaurant" and "small table" phenomenon, in conjunction with industry and commerce, tax and other departments began to focus on long-term remediation.

let slaughterof indiscriminate slaughter disappear — economic and Business Bureau in investment change based on the market expansion of Kangxi, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Middle South Gate area slaughterof indiscriminate slaughter of livestock and poultry trafficking, conduct stringent regulation and explore the management mechanism, to ensure the quality and safety of meat dish.

East River beauty — interaction Township, construction, environmental protection, urban management and other play area animal husbandry and Water Bureau, Wei Jian funds allocated 122 thousand and 800 yuan, focus on the governance of the area of river environmental sanitation, improve infrastructure, so that the river is the eastern beautiful luster.

to create a quiet, blue sky, the Eastern District Environmental Protection Bureau complete coal gas transformation tasks 1 1 1.5 tons of steam, 15 19 56.7 tons of steam under construction; the implementation of long-term management of the area of 6 coal sales; and noise pollution complaints 31.

results: civilization site action District Construction Bureau of construction and demolition site dust pollution in the special rectification, investigated 35 enterprises dust; combined with the Municipal Construction Committee, municipal quality supervision station of the area unsafe and civilized construction standard construction units supervise the rectification; the jurisdiction of the relevant sections of the roadway and Bridge Deck Pavement, pit trough, subsidence, pits and were excluded repair and repair problems, an area of 525 square meters.

civilization into the city management, District Urban Management Bureau and improve the publicity and improve the establishment of garbage collection facilities, maintenance and construction, free and open to the public toilets, built 14 seat straight sanitation workers rest point 9, complete lighting lighting project design work, 7 buildings under construction and lighting work the long-distance bus station and bus station civilized persuasion normalization activities on 19 straight public toilets, clean up psoriasis 8919, not standardized and conducted a comprehensive investigation and remediation of hidden door.

towns do remediation to achieve a win-win situation: Bayi Road corner office three measures to make the slaughter market along the environmental remediation achieved remarkable results; Yun Jia Kou Zhen Wei Jian, a city to achieve a win-win fruitful harvest…… Dongguan Street office will be part of the area area dirty, chaotic, poor phenomenon all eliminated. (author: Zhou Dong Xuan)

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