Tens of thousands of visitors to the Xining ice sculpture screaming fun

, in February 2nd 3, the people’s Park weekend unusually lively, is being held here in the eighth Chinese summer ice art garden and the first temple by tens of thousands of tourists, skating ladder, ice, ice, ice and snow to see a maze, so that the majority of visitors hooked.

2 evening, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, the red lantern racket, twelve zodiac sculpture pedestal, a lot of tourists looking for their own Zodiac photo, the west gate corridor "national beauty and heavenly fragrance" is to let people find everything fresh and new ice, according to reports, the ice wall the peony is made by special process vivid, true to life. Qinghai is the most popular elements of a variety of ice in the ice elves boutique, Plateau Tibetan antelope before visitors lined up to take pictures, "Tsui Wenfeng", "Sanjiang", "old tower" sculptures is attracted tourists loud shouts of applause. It is reported that this year Xining ice scale hit most of history, with nearly 5000 cubic meters of ice, which in the west gate square set "spirit song big slide" spots, the shape of the main body is 9 meters high, slide length more than 100 meters, with a capacity of 1200 cubic meters of ice. In addition, this year the Ice Lantern Festival is also integrated into the temple, flavor snacks, folk art performances, has become a major part of.

sponsored by the municipal government of the China summer ice art garden party has become a big brand, Qinghai winter tourism according to the introduction, the ice art garden party to the great beauty of Qinghai, happy Xining "as the theme in Chinese ancient history and culture for the creative elements of Qinghai to show around the famous cultural landscape, local customs and practices as the concept of fusion China traditional architectural art, sculpture art, landscape art, invited the Harbin Ice Art Expo Center ice sculpture masters, high standard, high quality and high level to create a set of viewing, entertainment and interaction in a body of ice and snow art event, fully display the unique charm of Xining ice art. The ice art fete ice art based on previous experience, make full use of people’s Park unique natural environment, careful planning and design have great originality, after carving, produced exquisitely carved and shapes of ice crystal jade art, the sun, the moonlight is a three-dimensional picture of a riot of colour, the color of the poem, solidification the music is drunk, ran away. (author: Zhang)

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