The city through the provincial health inspection review

Xining National Health City provincial review passed! This is the reporter from June 24th held in Xining to consolidate the National Health City, provincial review of feedback was informed that this shows that the city to meet the National Health City review work has taken an important step.

it is understood that the provincial review, provincial patriotic sanitation assessment group into Xining, community units respectively on the high streets and back lanes, health education, environmental sanitation, environmental protection, pest control, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, public places and drinking water hygiene, food safety, health, community and city and district units suburban conducted on-site inspections, and investigations found that key areas and key parts of the problem of key review. Assessment team in the briefing fully affirmed the work of our city architectural achievements, and pointed out the existence of our city construction in health problems and weak links, and the future development of our city to further deepen the establishment work, perfect management mechanism establishment put forward guidance and suggestions.

vice mayor Tong Wang in the feedback meeting pointed out that Xining city will be the provincial review and rectification work as a new starting point, continue to strengthen the organization and leadership of the establishment of the work, adhere to the effective management of the establishment in charge responsibility; continue to strengthen the construction work of Wei by the surprise of management to the regular management and control management to service management, from empirical management to change the system of management, and constantly improve the level of city management. In order to consolidate, deepen and promote rectification and promote and improve, and complete the "national sanitary city" national review of the preparatory work to secure the "national sanitary city" this a gilded signboard, so that the city people’s satisfaction. (reporter Sheng Nan)


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