West District the establishment of a report call two leading cadres have style problems can complai

snake during the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, Xining City West District to develop the "six prohibitions", leading cadres at all levels and Party members do self-discipline, austerity work, and published two report telephone: 0971 – 6339218 and 0971 – 6339138, specializes in "two" period of Party cadres in violation of the provisions of self-discipline behavior report.

asked all units in the west area within the principles of best effort, activities arranged during the holiday season, all kinds of tea, to streamline the party, resolutely prevent extravagance and waste, carry forward the hard work, thrift style, so that six prohibited strictly". That is forbidden to use public funds to entertain each other, or participate in high consumer entertainment activities; units and individuals are prohibited from accepting and exercising the powers of the units and individuals have the relationship in the name of friendship, pay New Year’s call gift of gifts, gift certificates, coupons (card) and valuables, cost to enterprises transfer, apportion, reimbursement is prohibited; participate in gambling or disguised gambling and lavish weddings and marriage and other forms of convergence of money; prohibit any form of illegal payment of allowances, subsidies, bonuses and real, prohibiting the beginning of assault money, money and spamming coupons (card); prohibited use of public funds to travel or public funds to travel in disguise; prohibited Gongjusiyong, strictly implement the provisions of the official car management. At the same time, the west district also requires leading cadres to strengthen their spouses, children and staff around the education, reminders and constraints, to promote the new wind righteousness, consciously resist unhealthy atmosphere. (author: Wu Yachun)


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