Xining total housing provident fund 336 million yuan coverage rate of up to 70%

last year, a total of 336 million Xining housing accumulation fund, so that the city’s housing accumulation fund imputation rate of up to 61%, coverage of up to 70%.

, a reporter from the Xining city housing provident fund management center to understand, in order to improve the housing conditions of the masses, the city housing system reform, accelerate the construction of urban housing, the city launched a housing provident fund system since 1995, and the provident fund as the main line, and actively carry out the loan business, continue to strengthen the management of the provident fund, the housing provident fund in our city the coverage rate increased year after year. Only last year, the city administrative institutions and all kinds of enterprises, establish housing provident fund system units reached 1291, an increase of 3 percentage points compared to 2005, the annual total of regulated housing provident fund 336 million yuan, 74 million yuan increase over the previous year, growth of 23%. So far, the city accumulated a total of 1 billion 800 million yuan in the housing accumulation fund in the past 11 years. (author: heart load)


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