The city’s new small and micro enterprises 2650

This year is the number of small and micro enterprises grew the most obvious year, an increase of 2650, of which 1984 in the field of production of three." The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic Commission, the city complete policy guidance, credit guarantee, tax relief and a series of measures to support the development of private economy and doubling plan under the guidance of our city Small and micro businesses increase the number of far more than in previous years, the rapid development of Small and micro businesses.According to reports, this year, the city continues to promote the rapid development of small and micro enterprises, such as through the backbone of enterprise model driven by

. Up to now, the city’s various types of small and micro enterprises reached 13899, of which the wholesale and retail trade and leasing and business services based small and micro enterprises in the field of production of the three growth is particularly rapid. Currently, this more than 10000 kinds of small and micro enterprises accounted for 99% of the total number of enterprises, the economic development of the city’s leading role is increasingly evident.

a growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the rapid development of the city has become the focus of key enterprises. In the cultivation of small and micro enterprises, the focus of the city of Qinghai fertilizer, Qinghai Xun Li packaging and a number of characteristics of small and micro enterprises to give policy support to promote rapid growth of enterprises. At the same time, I actively solve the problem of Small and micro businesses financing, combined with the "opinions on" innovation to support small and micro enterprise financing, first identified a number of growth oriented private enterprises, start-up, for "risk pool" loans to support, and actively to the banking financial institutions in the province, financing guarantee institutions and small loan companies to promote the project, has collected 280 project financing loan.


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