Xining city health guarantee food quality and safety of the public

reporter recently learned from the meeting, this year not only make the city Chuangwei crucial combat, environmental health status in our city has been improved effectively, but also make the city in the basic containment of food processing units unlicensed production, abuse of additives, using pigment based exceed the standard and other illegal acts, to further ensure the reliability and safety of the people three meals a day.

It is reported that

, at present our total holder (i.e., business license and health permit) operation of the food processing unit 259, including food production license (QS mark) of the food processing enterprises 156, food processing small workshops 103. In order to ensure people’s food quality is negligence, to ensure that people can eat daily on food safety, quality supervision departments conscientiously fulfill the food production and processing, especially small businesses, small workshops food quality and hygiene supervision responsibilities, through extensive mobilization, propaganda, the jurisdiction of all food production enterprises and small workshops have been 100% set up a sales account, establishment and implementation of the "unsafe food recall system", signed a "food safety undertaking" weight, registration and publicity of food additives rate reached 100%, the city’s food production and processing quality of health status has been significantly improved. Especially through nearly a period of Chuangwei crucial combat, in our city and the basic foundation of containment, eliminate unlicensed production, abuse of food additives, exceed the standard use of pigment and the use of non food raw materials and recycling of food two processing of food and other illegal behavior, to further strengthen the food quality supervision, improve security and the reliability of public food consumption.


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