The first half of this year the province’s first half of the target system of human resources

reporter from the August 18th meeting of the first half of the province’s social system work deployment in video conference was informed that this year, the province’s human resources and social security system, conscientiously implement the provincial government decision to deploy, proactive, be enthusiastic and press on, the priorities and major reform progress, the main task of all indicators achieved more than half the time, over half of the task target.

in the first half of this year, the province’s urban employment 39 thousand people, the annual target to complete the task 64.6%; employment 922 thousand people transfer surplus labor in agricultural and pastoral areas, the completion of the annual target task 87.8%; the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%, within 3.5% of the target. Urban and rural labor skills training 43 thousand people, to complete the annual target of any of the 53.4%. Launched a comprehensive reform of the endowment insurance system of the institutions, the first in the country to promote the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents at the provincial level, adjust and improve the urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard and basic pension standards, implementation stages and reduce the rate of social insurance policies, is expected to reduce the burden of 490 million yuan enterprises (units). Completion of the recruitment of 4 batches of civil service recruitment and public institutions and civil servants in 1334, the recruitment of staff and institutions 2955 people, completed 85.8% of the annual plan. At the same time, reported to the provincial government issued the opinions on the construction of a harmonious labor relations, the plan to carry out a special inspection of wages paid migrant workers, the work of solid progress.

the second half of the year, the province’s human resources and social security system will adhere to the goal orientation, problem oriented, reform oriented, go all out to ensure the employment stability, further promote the reform of endowment insurance, the full implementation of a comprehensive reform of the task, to ensure that the annual goals and tasks completed.


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