Xining Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau of the city’s outdoor advertising comprehensive facel

from the beginning of June, the Xining Municipal Administration of Law Enforcement Bureau of the city’s outdoor advertising comprehensive facelift, and now, after the specification of outdoor advertising has become a beautiful landscape in Xining.

Xining Urban Management Bureau of law enforcement agencies to carry out an outdoor advertising in the city to re standardize the audit, registration and inspection of the main contents of the clean-up as a comprehensive remediation. Not allowed to set and do not meet the approval requirements of large and medium-sized outdoor advertising applications, to return in case of reasons; to meet the outdoor advertising requirements to carry out technical guide, strengthen the overall beauty of the outdoor advertising and night effect, and the norms and unified street storefront decoration set. Focus on remediation of the part without approval, the approval period expires, overdue demolition and not bright outdoor advertising, instructed the establishment of units within the deadline for rectification or forced removal. The renovation of outdoor advertising not only improves the viewing of outdoor advertising, but also maintains the normal order of urban management.


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