Xining City Tourism Bureau launched the rural tourist attractions invite you to taste

spring, rebirth season, it is a good time to go outing, sightseeing tour of the people. Xining City Tourism Bureau took over a hundred rural tourist attractions "feast", invite you to travel.

March 9th, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, three counties and four district of Xining city have launched special rural tourism "menu", field development, horseback archery, ornamental vegetables promenade, fruit and vegetable picking, farming experience, planting adoption new farmhouse, let the public in the spring outing over, enjoy the new year dishes". Some of the customs and cultural characteristics of the park, farmhouse, as well as rural attractions will also launch a "signature dishes". People can go to the Forest Park, March kite ditch Chahansala River scenic landscape, from March to May to Zanpu linca scenic scenery; from May to June to the north area of Taonan village savor leisure picking, recognize adopt other farming culture and farming game.

it is reported that a total of 253 tea plantations in Xining, farmhouse, a total of rural tourism reception point of 390 households in. Among them, the Star Rural Tourism reception point 15. This year, the tourism sector in Xining will strengthen the efforts to support rural tourism, with rich local folk characteristics of rural tourism to attract tourists, enhance the quality of urban tourism.


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