Strengthen the province’s cities and counties to promote a comprehensive and strict inspection of th

"City State Party patrol patrol unit is to understand whether there are published and disseminated in violation of the party’s policy speech, the existence of abuse of power, corruption and bribery, corruption and other violations of discipline and problems……" The day before, the provincial Party committee issued "on the establishment of the county Party committee of inspection system of opinions", the scope of inspection work, and the main object of content, methods and organizational structure has made specific provisions, to further promote the comprehensive and strictly extends to the grassroots.

the past two years the provincial inspection problems found clues and the petition report shows, and corruption in the unwholesome tendencies of grassroots cadres are still prone to some City State Bureaus still has some prominent problems, the county (city or district) level departments and rural grassroots, excellent affectionate friend, false run collar, misappropriation and other issues still reflect more. The first half of this year, the province’s discipline inspection organs at all levels to accept the mass petition report 2320, which reflects the grass-roots cadres of the 701 pieces, accounting for 30% of the total, relates to the rural and pastoral areas of the petition piece 471, accounting for 20% of the total. In this regard, provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the cities and counties to carry out inspections as to promote comprehensive concrete measures strictly extends to the grassroots, to make the overall work plan, formulated specific views, to build the province’s party patrol patrol three level supervision system and working pattern, the general secretary Xi Jinping requirements on comprehensive strictly implement.

at present, 8 provinces and cities in our province have been set up by the party secretary or deputy secretary of the head of the inspection agency, the formation of the patrol group of 25. The first round of this year has been completed on 5 counties (Working Committee) and 22 cities (States) straight sector patrol, found all kinds of problems in the 223, the transfer of clues to the problem of 28. In the inspections process, all active and central and provincial inspection standard, through routine inspections, special inspections and other means, targeted in some economic activities, special funds, the masses of many places and units to carry out inspections, make preliminary show deterrent.

Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to find the problem as the main task of inspections, the main responsibility for the implementation of state organs to carry out special inspections, the 18 departments to implement the "two responsibilities" in place, "five number one is not directly in charge of the implementation of the system is not strict, honest government work data fraud and other problems were informed criticism, proposed rectification requirements. In Guinan County on patrol in the police found the individual party members and cadres in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight, long-term work, specialization and other issues, 3 party and government discipline, dismissal of the township cadres 1 people, 1 people, the removal process to reduce post grades of 1 people.

Xining Municipal Committee found in the transfer of public funds to travel, gifts of public funds, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and other discipline problems clues and found for inspections of the leadership of the party, weakening the two responsibilities are not in place, work style is not real common problems such as truss system cage, issued "on the implementation of the main responsibility of the Party committee the supervision and discipline of" four forms "from the strict control of the Party cadres" guidance "is not as slow as messy as accountability Interim Measures" and other regulations, efforts to solve deep-seated problems;

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