Xining entrepreneurs for the first time to apply for business license to enjoy preferential

Xining City, the first entrepreneurs in the bid for the business license, apply for the establishment of partnerships, individual proprietorship enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, not limited to the amount of registered capital.

it is understood that, for the first time entrepreneurs bid for a limited liability company (the provisions of laws and regulations except for limited one-time payment of the minimum registered capital of 150 thousand yuan), the implementation of the registered capital in place in phases, all shareholders can be the initial contribution of registered capital of 20%, the rest by the shareholders since the establishment date of the company paid within 3 years, the investment company up to 5 years. The shareholders can be funded with money can also be used in kind, intellectual property, land use rights, currency estimation and non currency property as capital contribution (transferred in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations except the property shall not be funded), non monetary property investment accounted for 70% of the registered capital of the company. In addition to the provisions of the state laws and regulations must be funded by all shareholders, the limited liability company’s shareholders to reach 30% of the registered capital of the limited liability company. At the same time, for the first time entrepreneurs do not apply for property rights certificate business premises, can be submitted to the Housing Authority issued a certificate and the completion of the acceptance certificate, the purchase of housing sales and a copy of the license as a business premises registration. In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, procedures and conditions of the contract allows entrepreneurs to prove valid real estate real estate (housing units excepted), lease housing, commercial buildings and other temporary business premises as. After the county level above the city planning and urban management department approved the establishment of temporary commercial housing, business premises, etc., in the industrial and commercial registration to submit valid documents shall be deemed as an effective place of business.


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