West Sea metropolis newspaper New Year’s new event continued fiery

On the morning of December 14th, the public Zhang Xiaoling came to the West Sea metropolis newspaper, bringing 8 winter sweater, to the children in poor areas to offer a love of their own. "I saw the new year’s new clothes charity event in the newspaper and bought these clothes." Zhang Xiaoling said that although he is not rich, but for children in poor areas can offer a love, how much money is not important.

like Zhang Xiaoling enthusiastic people in the minority, Zhai Jie people also donated 13 pieces of fashionable hair dress for children. "I don’t know if the children put on these beautiful clothes, and they will not have a smile on their faces" Since I know the "new clothes" large-scale public welfare activities, Zhai Jie decided what to do for the children. "I know there are woven collar activities, but I’m not woven." Zhai Jie feel shy smile. When I heard that in addition to twitter can also donate new clothes for the children, Zhai Jie immediately went to the bank to withdraw money, to the mall to buy clothes. "Once bought a dozen pieces, they are shocked." Zhai Jie said, that is for the poor mountain children love the store, said nothing, at the lowest price to sell her.

enthusiastic citizens on the micro-blog learned that the new year’s new clothes after the event, the reporter called the Advisory activities. Ms. Dong said that she would try her best to raise stationery, shoes, clothes and other items for the children in poor areas. (author: Guo Rui)

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in order to enhance children love the people and poor areas, the "new clothes" campaign will also carry out the "microblogging" action, we will recruit Weibo volunteers in Xining city. Recently, the "microblogging" activities of the second batch of wool has arrived, can continue to provide free public love materials (wool, knitting needle, icon), want to continue to participate in the "microblogging" activities of the public, you can call the newspaper news hotline booking.

if you want to join the love action, please donate clothes through the hotline: 15897081303 (love collar), 13897659101 (donated) contact.


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