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"military enterprises build a model village" activities to rural areas brings not only the appearance of change.

last year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County has 46 villages to carry out military enterprises build a model village "activities, this year added 31 village. Reporter recently walked into the village of Datong County interview: little wall between the green mountains and rivers red, clean and tidy village beside the bright red blossoms and green willows – these are the last year to carry out military enterprises to build a demonstration village; every family is busy with the new wall, Lixin door, building a new house, the busy roads built in the square – a busy scene, this year has just been included in the activities of the village.

and these are the first impressions. When the reporter standing in the village and the village two committees team members talk, in the bright and spacious tiled villagers home, sitting in the comfortable sofa and the villagers chat, deeply felt "military enterprises build a model village" activities of the village clean at the same time, the villagers are to create a better life with hands confidence.

a rich village, a villager

is a famous scenic kite ditch Datong, the flowers are blooming in a continuous line of tourists. From the county into a kite ditch village Dongxia town is the only way which must be passed duolong. In 2010, dollon village to begin the transformation of old villages, after two years of construction, the villagers live in new houses, will be here as a key county village rural tourism reception. Last year, the village of duolong was included in the "military enterprises build a model village", the village appearance to take on an altogether new aspect of farming culture, have a unique style park also attracted the eyes of the city.


appearance has changed, more and more tourists, the tourists last year to more than double than the previous year. Now the village farmhouse has 26, the construction of the 4. 2011 the village per capita income of more than 5200 yuan, in 2012, per capita income reached more than 6500 yuan.

at the beginning of May, dollon Farm Hotel opened, the hotel covers an area of 5 acres of farm is the largest village farmhouse project, it solved 11 villagers’ employment. Young cute girl girl daughter-in-law as a waiter, a few people eat a good cook, 1200 yuan per person per month wages.

duolong village Party branch secretary Bao Xingtai told reporters, before the villagers have to work outside, now the village environment is good, thinking back "kaoshanchishan". Next, the village committee to further improve the village green, health, speed up the lavatories, let the villagers live more comfortable, while also accelerating the construction of a tree to duolong village ecological base, to attract more tourists, let more villagers benefit.

villagers unity has power

The village of

behind the lush forest, people relaxed and happy, just the emergence of the field full of vigour village, light blue; the walls with red edge, pine and other plants with a straight road on both sides…… In the early summer of the north of the village of the north side of the village like a painting.

Ma Gou Cun

is this year’s "military enterprises build a model village". Reporter surprised: other projects included in the village this year;

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