Moment taut flood disaster this string mayor Wang Yubo flood prevention work

The rain

worry about the safety of the masses, the morning of June 8th, a large garden in the rain to East District mayor Wang Yubo kushuigou check flood prevention work. Wang Yubo stressed that the flood control work must not be careless, to increase the intensity, the combination of distance, treating the symptoms, promote the overall development of the large garden area of flood prevention work to ensure the safety of the local people’s life and property. Strict management, strict supervision, crack down on illegal construction, the implementation of green landscaping, with two to three years for large area have been effectively improved the overall appearance of the ground.

flood control unite leaders, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, vice mayor of gold Jiuchen with checks and demands for relevant work.

is located at the junction of city area and east area of the Park Hill area, densely populated, dense housing, many houses built in the water on both sides of the ditch, adjacent to the deep groove, in case of rain and snow, it is prone to landslides, there are serious security risks. Wang Yubo in the muddy road walk, a, a look at the specific situation, repeatedly asked relevant departments to closely monitor the flood, earnestly implement the various defensive measures to ensure the safety of the flood season sonoyama kushuigou area.

in the garden community, Wang Yubo a listen to the city planning, land, water, drainage and other departments and the east district government’s work report, he stressed that all localities and departments must be highly responsible for the people’s life and property in the spirit of hard to fully understand the complexity of the situation and tasks of flood control, time tighten the string of flood disaster. In accordance with the general requirements of the municipal government, the flood control work as a top priority to do a good job, to ensure that no major events in flood control, no casualties.

Wang Yubo, not the work of flood control there are no fluke, the relevant departments to do kushuigou river dredging work, re examination, re implementation of the construction may affect the safety of flood risks and weak links, to ensure the thorough investigation, check, check. To improve the mechanism, special inspections, emergency duty and plan, the safety responsibility layers in place. (author: Jin Sheng Nan ran)

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