Green Xining garden one of the series of reports of Datong forestry development

green waters, pleasant scenery, many tourists to travel in the chase, have lamented the blue water and sky, trees, livable tour.

from the geographical point of view, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County is located in the eastern agricultural area of Qinghai Province, is an important source of water in Xining. The town, with its richly endowed by nature geographical advantage, improving the modern integrated stereo system and high forest coverage, by creating a livable city, garden city, historical and cultural city and other carriers, now is of robust walking on the road of modern forestry construction, green development, for the people to build a "Datong Plateau Ecological Garden livable city.

winter, walking in the streets of Datong County, eyes full of flowers, trees of the figure, some uniform, orderly, placed into a pattern, some words have been true to life, shape, brown, litter, but still "tall", as the city’s "guard".

according to the strategic plan of "construction" in the eastern city of group and the Datong "12th Five-Year plan" requirements, Datong County will fully implement the party’s eighteen proposed new "ecological civilization construction" development strategy, efforts to create "four areas", "three", "a new pattern of city", in the city the total amount of greening efforts to build suitable, reasonable layout, plant diversity and beautiful landscape of urban green space, urban greening has made a comprehensive breakthrough in quantity and quality, achieve plateau ecological garden city landscape.

according to the Datong County Forestry Bureau of the person in charge, at present, the county of existing road greening, square, garden renovation and expansion, to ensure that the built-up area green rate of 32.97%, green coverage rate of 36.36%, per capita public green area of 8.38 square meters on the basis of sustained growth. In the city green space construction, but also pay attention to expand the city green space construction, adhere to the trees and shrubs with plant community construction of multi-level, good ecology, plant landscaping, actively promote green roof, floor balcony greening, idle wasteland, barren hills and wasteland afforestation, wall greening, overpass Green, efforts to expand the city green space. At the same time to increase the plant species, but also to highlight the plateau native species, the introduction of fine varieties. Jin Lumei, Potentilla glabra and other species of Rosaceae, domestication, cultivation and utilization of high altitude; native evergreen rhododendron anthopogonoides, Daphne tangutica and r.przewalskii trees in low altitude site conditions of reference and reproduction; alien ornamental species Euonymus phellomana, Acer davidii, Chou Li tree introduction and domestication…… This series of greening measures for today’s chase for a new look, with new clothes.

The sky is blue, the

mountain, mountains, Datong green building in the "Long March" in his dress, beautify the environment, to attract tourists, leaving praise. Today, standing in the forest of Datong County green pines and verdant cypresses on the hill, overlooking the Beichuan River in Datong County, green development axis, with railway and highway as a link, a new city park and Green Street, formed a city in the mountains and water in the city, people in green. ";

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