Build a service contacts Minyou

Xining city in the party’s mass line of educational practice, to serve the grassroots, serving the people as the basis, make full use of information network technology, through flexible and diverse means to build a "liaison service station", do service forward, with the function of sinking, win the trust of the actual results, the implementation of the "heart to heart".

the traditional means of information technology services to achieve full coverage. Through the establishment of e-government platform, the hotline, SMS platform, QQ group, the business, the admissibility of complaints, charges standard, weather forecast service forward and sinking, to achieve convenient and efficient services to the public. Comprehensive information technology services show a new bright spot. Investment in the construction of information command platform, the use of video on demand, GPS and other information integration system, efforts to build the service of the masses frontline position to achieve seamless supply of services and the needs of the people. New information technology means service presents new trends. Part of the county, the unit of micro-blog, WeChat official public platform of digital library, the new information carrier, expand ties with the masses of the "bridge", to carry out online interaction with the masses, to provide service to meet the needs of the people, and pushing further enhance the level of service for the people.  

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