25 cadres work supervisor posts

In November 13th, Xining City, second session of work supervisor cadre appointment meeting, 25 cadres work supervisor by accepting the municipal Party Committee Organization Department appointment, official posts. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Municipal organs Working Committee, the municipal Party committee and the county Party Committee Organization Department Heads attended the meeting.

is to supervise the work, to play a supervisory role, Bi Xiaoning requirements, cadres supervisor should assist the Department supervision of cadres, we must continue to strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission, always put the three strict three real as performance standards, and strive to enhance their theoretical attainment, working ability and sense of discipline; cadre work supervisor always three strict three as the benchmark, dare to bear responsibility, implement the role orientation, perform a good job. To be a good staff member of staff to play the role of a think tank, to be a good supervisor, play the supervision and guidance, to be a good propagandist, play the role of a bridge between cadres; supervisors undertake supervision duties for the selection and appointment of cadres, should always take the three three real strict working attitude, adhere to the principle of coordination, unity and enterprising, common to enhance the scientific level of cadres.It is reported that the

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