Multi pronged approach to address the needs of public travel

reporter in February 18th from the city’s transportation work meeting was informed that the Provincial Communications Department in accordance with the development strategy of "four traffic", this year I will from the city Department of transportation taxi difficult to ease the focus on the black car, strongly promote transit city and other aspects, to promote the rapid development of the city transportation industry.

– Intelligent Transportation Construction: this year the City Transportation Bureau will earnestly carry out the intelligent information technology to enhance the level of traffic management, step by step stage to carry out the taxi management information platform, "call" the taxi dispatch center, two off a crisis management information platform, passenger and freight transport station service management information system and the intelligent parking lot induced service information query the system of intelligent information system construction.

– ease taxi difficult: the Department of transportation will continue through the "peak filling" and "peak shift" measures, research through the use of price leverage to effectively adjust the contradiction between taxi capacity and market demand, efforts to alleviate the taxi difficult.

– the fight against the black car of black issues over the years: repeated, the traffic department will explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of joint enforcement of black points are gathered in batches, stage point and focus on remediation clean-up, consolidate combat effectiveness.

– transit city create: focus on the construction of intelligent bus system, bus lanes, bus station planning and construction work, the optimization of the bus system, bus line network, to speed up the installation and application of bus video system, improve the public transport scheduling monitoring, operation efficiency and service level of intelligence, coordinating relevant departments to speed up the establishment of public finance subsidy the support mechanism, improve the bus driver recruitment and training system, enhance the bus service ability, establish campus, community park, bus service consultation network, timely solve people travel demand.


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