City and Social Council actively preparing to adjust the treatment to ensure that corporate retirees

In the Spring Festival approaching, the City Council in accordance with the provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the unified arrangements, actively preparing for this year’s city retirees pension benefits adjustment work

in the Spring Festival approaching, the City Council in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial human resources and social security department, actively preparing for this year, the city’s pension insurance pension adjustment work. At present, Xining City, a total of 107 thousand retirees from enterprises, the province accounted for 55% of the number of retirement, the adjustment treatment work from the beginning of January 1, 2011, will be completed before the Spring Festival, is expected to increase 240 yuan per person per month.

to do this work, the city human resources and social security departments at all levels especially the social security agencies attach great importance to and actively preparing for the formulation of the detailed scheme, all aspects of the work to adjust and make specific arrangements for the payment of. Staff in the work of many clues, the task is heavy, the initiative to give up the rest time overtime, the preparatory work has been basically ready. At present, the social security information network system program has been developed, and carry out the adjustment of treatment on the same day the issuance of work, to ensure that the enterprise retirees can receive the pension increase before the Spring Festival, let them have a happy and peaceful and happy spring festival. The specific measures and steps of the adjustment of compensation is issued before January 25th 1 and February January 30th pension; 2 times before issue 1, the February pension adjustment, March normal pension payment.



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