9 pollution projects will be ordered to shut down

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, Gan River Industrial Park garden for 12 years, as the environmental protection standard and the promotion of "resource-saving and environment-friendly park construction efforts" to increase the end of September, the park management committee decided to pollution project of western mining industry and lead, zinc, zinc and other Mount Everest Tianchen Chemical enterprises backward production capacity and "Jiuzhibuyu" to suspend production for rectification or shut down. It is reported that 60 thousand tons of zinc zinc mine west project was founded in 2004, after the completion of the provincial and municipal environmental protection departments through the acceptance of environmental protection. In recent years, with the promotion of environmental standards and the speed of the construction of "two type" Park, in May 2012, the environmental protection department requires companies to manage the project within a time limit. In the pollution control projects, more than two years overdue unfinished after acceptance, the day before, the park management committee submitted to the municipal government ordered to suspend business for rectification; West Mine lead industry 30 thousand tons, 55 thousand tons of crude lead project lead projects due to environmental standards, since 2008 has been discontinued, the equipment has serious aging, can not meet the current requirements of environmental protection, the park management committee report the municipal government shall be ordered to shut down. At the same time, was ordered to shut down the morning of the chemical 80 thousand tons of asphalt projects, the Western carbon pre baked anode project of 60 thousand tons, the Western lead smelting furnace smelting furnace line. In addition, the Mount Everest 10 thousand tons and 30 thousand tons of zinc Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide project was founded in 1986 and 2002, although the project is supporting the construction of desulphurization and sewage treatment facilities, but is still not up to the standard of environmental protection, was ordered to suspend rectification. At the same time be ordered to suspend business for rectification of the comprehensive utilization project as well as the Western fertilizer phosphate ammonia project and Qinghai Xinye electrolytic aluminum slag. Gan River Industrial Park, the relevant responsible person said, shutting down the 9 emissions exceed the standard, eliminated and serious pollution enterprises and projects, will greatly reduce the emissions of major pollutants in the park, after calculation, 2578 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 358 tons of dust smoke, heavy metal 12 tons of lead, promote the park of nonferrous metal and chemical industry upgrade.  

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