Shanxi Apple began to take the road of internationalization

in the life of apple is a favorite, Shanxi as China’s production of Apple’s big province, with the development of Apple began to go out of the country, to the international consumer market! In the twelfth lunar month, Shanxi fruit industry in Yuncheng re transmission of news, Huarong company 450 tons of fruit quality of Wanrong Apple will once again export to Australia, this is the Wanrong County for six consecutive years apple exports to Australia, exports accounted for 48% of total exports. Shanxi Apple began to take the international road, the local farmers to increase revenue!

in Huarong fruit industry limited company, the inspection and quarantine officer Mark from Australia by the scene data, according to the provisions of the "China fresh apple exports of Australian phytosanitary requirements of the protocol" the implementation of on-site inspection and sampling inspection. Through the inspect of different batches of Wanrong apple, he believes that the Wanrong Apple management to meet the requirements of inspection and quarantine, regardless of color or quality are given affirmation of Wanrong apple.

Shanxi Apple began to take the international road, which not only effectively improve the income of farmers, but also to further increase the enthusiasm of growers planting! Subsequently, the Australian inspection and quarantine officer Mark and the Yuncheng entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau was responsible for the signing of the export of Apple quarantine certificate in Australia, and the company was awarded the certificate. It is understood that these 450 tons of high-quality apple will be exported to Australia in batches of five batches.

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