Customer business more fire a of friends

by virtue of their business, and customers to become friends, which will undoubtedly have a very big help for the development of the business, so that the shop business is more popular. As the saying goes, at home by their parents, go out on a friend. In order to improve the management, we must take the customer as a friend, heart to heart, so in order to win more customers.

last year, I found a young man every week will come to my shop to buy milk and meat, he often talk about bill and said: "my mother is old, I have to buy some more food, for her elderly bubu."

often see this young man, I feel very cordial, because the same as my son, I am also very filial. So I thought I should express my admiration.

at the beginning of last December, when the young man to my shop, I smiled and took out a "Songhe Yannian" as the theme of the exquisite calendar from the counter.

"brother, you often come to the store to buy things, you can see that very filial piety, I am very admire, so I would like to give you a calendar, I wish our mother health and longevity!" Then, I put my hands on the calendar.

young man for a moment, then moved to laugh: "eldest brother, you are really careful. You must be a dutiful son, thank you!"

since then, the young man came to the store as usual, he also introduced a few friends to my store shopping.

a wall calendar to close the distance between us, we chat more and more.

now, we have not only the relationship between buyers and sellers, and we have become good friends.

spare time, the young man will ask me to drink. He said: "eldest brother, that the calendar to witness our friendship, to witness our shared filial piety. I am your loyal customer, is your good friend."

do not always stand on the opposite side of the customer, which is not conducive to the development of the store’s business is not. In fact, the customer as their friends, with the sincerity and they communicate, they will get their support and recognition. Open the door every day, there are always friends from outside the shop, not a great pleasure?

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